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YOU MATTer Banner (2′ x 8′, includes stakes – Red/Family Image)


  • 2′ x 8′ with end pockets
  • Breathable mesh (allows wind flow, nearly eliminates signs falling over)
  • Includes 2 installation posts
  • Package comes rolled
  • To Install (Yard Installation)
    • Find best location/position
    • Pound stake one in ground 12″ (we recommend you call 511 to have them mark for power lines, etc.  Avoid sprinklers, etc.)
    • Slip banner edge one over first stake
    • Pound stake two in ground (ensure space between posts allows for sign to be taut)
    • Slip banner edge two over second stake

(Optional): Secure banner with zip ties.  To affix to deck/tree/etc., use enclosed zip tied to secure 4 side and 2 center eyelets to surface.



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