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Donation Total: $600.00

By Check: Brooklyn’s Dad for Office | 2347 Kelm Street, Chaska, MN 55318
Venmo: @youmattertomatt   (1162)

YOU Matter.  That’s why Matt puts results over rhetoric and delivers big, actionable vision and results! Max Donation 2024: $600 (per person, no businesses).  Donations $100 or less not itemized on finance report.


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Want results over rhetoric that puts YOU first? How about a positive, solutions based vision (not cringe worthy, status quo smears?).  Join the You Matter Movement, positive messages backed with results and a bold vision for our next generation prioritizing:

-People over Politics and Community over Caucus   -Community for a Lifetime (in action, not just talk) -Leadership that is Prudent, Planful, and Shared Future  -Responsible spending with a goal line in sight!

What’s the donation go for?
$50 Helps us reach 1,000 doors with literature
$100 Helps buy 20 yard signs
$250 Helps direct mail to 350 homes

Max contribution: 2024: $600.  $100 or Less will NOT appear on itemized finance reports.  Any amount counts.  This campaign doesn’t accept money from PACs, Political Elite, and Labor Unions and reserves the right to return funds to anyone that doesn’t align with our core values. Volunteers welcome!  Want to contribute in other ways? volunteer@youmattertomatt.com