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people before politics

Matt has had 1,000+ (and growing) authentic, intentional conversations to guide the YOU MATTer Movement.  Carver County taxpayers have been very clear; they want an accessible, authentic, action-oriented candidate to represent their interests. Matt believes the next 20 years will shape the next 200, and Matt is the right person to lead – high energy, intentionally connected to all perspectives, gifted to see and paint vision and equipped with creative problem solving skills. YOU MATTer means paving a way for Faster and Friendlier Service in all interactions. It means a robust plan to create 100+, $60K+ Jobs Annually (from pool of existing and potential employers). This focus will ensure continued infusion of dollars and lessen the financial burden on current residents.



home for a lifetime

Matt believes kids, parents, grandparents, workers, business owners, and overall tax payers should be able to grow up and grow old in Carver County if you so choose. Carver County should house the services for folks to spend their whole life here, and compelling reasons to stay (or come back) and call this place ‘home’. Specifically, YOU MATTer means the social and physical infrastructure to support life stages, particularly the aging years (55+), crisis care, prevention and awareness efforts for mental health issues, and overall county connection and health (parks, libraries, roads).



smarter spending

Matt asked, and you answered: Carver County taxpayers want prudent use of their tax dollars. That comes in a lot of forms, including responsible use of human resources, asking tough (sometimes inconvenient and uncomfortable) questions, pushing back on ‘because that’s how it’s done’, and fighting for fewer layers of process that don’t add value. Specifically, YOU MATTer means investing in staff (empowering and engaging staff is an investment, not an expense), auditing officials spending and outcomes, and providing incentive for staff and residents to cut waste, find efficiencies and operate responsibly is important.


We believe in representing ALL constituents. Please take a moment to tell us what’s important to you.


Matt is a next generation leader who has responded to invites to run for this office and lend a fresh voice, a fresh perspective and fresh eyes to local government. We invite your support.