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Path to 100% Broadband;
Why? 100% Broadband Keeps Values High, and makes Carver County a top destination for future residents, businesses and growth
Focus Areas:
A. Work with State and Federal Representatives for funding the remaining (est.) 5% of unserved/underserved areas.
B. Work with State and Federal Representatives to unencumber unserved/underserved areas
C. Showcase foundation and partnerships as blueprint for others


Status: in 2020, it was estimated 11% of rural Carver County was unserved.  By the end of 2023, it’s estimated that will be 4% largely due to board directed investment to close that gap.  We are working on federal, state and public/private funding to close the remaining 4% as soon as 2024.


Path to ‘Best Place to Work’;
Why? To attract and retain top talent, the workforce of the future wants more than a paycheck.  To be competitive, we have to meet labor where they are and make investments to do so.
Focus Areas:
A. Implement key definitional pillars
B. Increase emphasis on values
C. Implement mechanisms to productively hear from staff on wins and challenges
D. Invest in areas of opportunity
E. ‘No One Stuck’


Desired Outcomes:
-Lower/Best in Class Turnover
-Recommended employer by staff, alumni and community

Status: in 2022, the board included in their strategic plan a goal to be ‘the best county to work for in the state’ including 5 objective pillars.  In 2022, the board tackled closing some significant wage gaps and saw a reduction in non retirement turnover as a result.  Key areas are in clear focus for 2023.


Path to Reduced Tax Burden for Residents and Sustainable Budgets;
Why? To be a ‘place to live, work and play for a lifetime’ means keeping taxes in check particularly for aging in place elderly, new families, and economically challenged individuals.
Focus Areas:
A. Invest in Intentional Partnerships
B. Slow FTE Growth Rate compared to Population Growth
C. Find Revenue Generating Partnerships and Activities
D. Address high and rising Unfunded State and Federal Mandates
E. Expand and Attract Industrial and Commercial Tax Base

 Desired Outcomes:
-Reduced Tax Rate
-Coordination on Full Tax Burden/Agencies (City, School District, County, etc.)
-Non Linear FTE Growth
-35%+ of Tax from Non Residential
-500+ Acres of Shovel Ready Opportunities Identified

 Status: in 2022, the first ever Carver County Commerce Corridor Tour was hosted in partnership with Greater MSP, local cities, townships, school district, and other leaders.  The #1 outcome was to focus on ‘telling our story’ (to visitors, current and prospective residents and current and prospective businesses).  The #2 outcome was focus on leveraged partnerships and collaboration across economic development efforts.  The #3 focus was to cultivate current and future workforce. Ultimately, these activities (in partnership with the CDA, city/township economic development, etc.) will put us in a position to A. Maximize 212 Expansion, B. Prepare us for 2050 Comprehensive Plan C. Ensure we’re intentional about tax base mix as high growth cities expand beyond housing. 

Path to Career Ready AND College Ready
Why? To be a ‘place to live, work and play for a lifetime’ means we need to have options for all abilities, interests and skills.  We need to support existing and future employers with their hiring needs.
Focus Areas:
A. Invest in Trades as a viable consideration for our youth
B. Invest in training programs and partnerships with best interest of future generations and employers

Desired Outcomes:
-Greater opportunities for 2 Year, Vocational, etc. career path
-Messaging/Marketing to connect with decision makers on alternatives to 4 Year
-Expansion of partnership with local 4 Year institutions

 Status: in 2022, there were a few false starts but we’re focused on partnership with ISD288 to launch a ‘start to finish’ cabin build as part of curriculum.  We’re also exploring easy accessible jobs that don’t require college degrees, and exploring specialty training programs (including CDL licensure, nursing programs, child care pathway to mental health and social work, and more)

Path to Physical AND Social Infrastructure
Why? To be a ‘place to live, work and play for a lifetime’ we need to invest in areas that prepare us for a changing demographics, workforce, wants and need.
Focus Areas:
A. Invest in Programs and Partnerships representative of our current and future makeup
B. Create intentional onramps for community unity, rich dialog, and impactful collaboration
C. Be in proximity to new ideas, life experiences and perspectives

 Desired Outcomes:
-A welcoming place for new residents and stakeholders.  A Community of Belonging
-Staff that is representative of our community
-Onramps to get future generations plugged in with local involvement
-‘Neighbor Well’ welcome

Status: Carver County is leading ‘Communities of Belonging’ initiatives embracing our community and their needs are changing as high growth is expected for decades to come.  Recent hires show an emphasis on lowering unnecessary barriers to attract a wide and capable workforce.

Path to Best Place to Spend 3 Days for Under $3,000
Why? To be a ‘place to live, work and play for a lifetime’ we can have great amenities for current and future residents AND opportunity for guests and visitors to enjoy our county (and welcome their tourist/adventure dollars to our community)
Focus Areas:
A. Tell our story
B. Path to lodging options
C. Invest in maintaining and expanding high amenity options for visitors

 Desired Outcomes:

-Identify and start planning for Top 25 needed trail connections
-Expand park offerings
-Invest in Parks/Park Infrastructure (Compliment Parks, Lakes and Trails)
-Partner on an easy to use navigator for full day suggested adventures (Dining, Outdoors, Wineries, Breweries, Paisley Park, Dinner Theater, etc.)

Status: telling our story and letting others in the regional area know more about our unique attractions that make us a tourist destination will reap short and long term benefits.  Master park planning, creativity in understanding and planning for more visitor lodging options, and looking for our future with expanded ammenities and offerings will come into greater focus as major projects are completed and future planning takes shape.

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