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Staff Empowerment

Matt believes staff is an investment, not a line expense.  He also believes staff is most effective when they are empowered and equipped to do their jobs. Incentives raise performance and create more efficient and cost effective ways to operate.

  • Matt proposes a $10K incentive for any *employee (making less than $85,000 yearly) who raises and helps implement $100K+ in annual county savings within his/her regular job. 

Finances Matter!  Smarter spending is a win-win for tax payers and staff.

Expanded Tax Base + Business Ownership

The next 20 years will shape the next 200 for Carver County.  To ensure Carver County remains ‘home for a lifetime’ for current and future residents, there must be a diverse, vibrant tax base.  The County Commissioners must enlist and ensure streamlined processes that remove non value activity to foster growing, running and starting businesses.  

  • Matt proposes a comprehensive plan to add 100+, $60K+ jobs per year for the next decade.

Finances Matter!  Smarter spending includes a growing tax base ensures a healthy community

Term Limits

Matt believes productive public service happens in the first 8 years in office.  Over time, career politicians tend to choose self-interest over service.  Unfortunately, the ‘system’ of politics favors long standing incumbents, making it easy for politicians to be re-elected. Effective officials have a clear path to other offices to serve if they so choose, as does the path of their expertise.  And, finally, there’s little, if any, incentive to engage and mentor the next generation of capable leaders.  

  • Matt believes in aligned incentives, and that grooming the next generation of leaders is part of the job.
  • Matt believes in helping identify and pour knowledge into the future generations of leaders.

People Matter!  People should come before political game and gains.  Self imposed term limits ensure the commission remains sharp, strong, and infused with new ideas and relevant representation without getting unduly comfortable for personal benefit

Taxes and Commissioner Pay

Carver County collects the highest property tax in Minnesota, levying an average of $2,992.00 per residence.  In 2017, commissioners raised their earn base salaries $13,500 (from $48,564 to $62,064, a 28% increase).**  With strong property values ,the same % of assessed taxes nets more county revenue.  Yet, in 2019, your Commissioners approved a 4.9% increase.*

 The formula for arriving at the $13,500 commissioner raise is materially different than the calculation for full time staff – and not in favor of the hard working staff.  Matt questions these decisions and policies.

In the district Matt will represent in Carver County, average home owners pay 3.3% of their income in property tax (the equivalent 1.3% of home value) – materially higher than comparable counties McLeod (2.8%), Scott (3.1%), and Wright (2.8%).

  •  Matt believes the disparity between staff and commissioners needs to be addressed, offering employees increased opportunity and reward.
  • Matt proposes increasing county revenue through determined recruitment of new business and uncompromising support for existing business – reducing the pressure on homeowners.

Finances Matter!  You deserve smarter spending and to know your tax dollars are spent in areas of greatest service and impact.



Value of Healthy Environment

Stewardship of the earth is a major responsibility for all, individuals, business, and governments at all levels.  Investing and maintaining the community’s natural resources provides value to taxpayers and preserves our natural resources.

Matt believes the natural resources of parks, trails, and outdoor space provide a great, affordable, underutilized asset with a major return on investment. Families grow stronger as they participate in  low-cost activities and entertainment (libraries, community programming, etc.).  Children enjoy a safe and fun experience on the many playgrounds.  Simply relaxing on a park bench can rejuvenate a soul.

Access to  green spaces presents a healing environment for the 1 in 5 Americans who suffer from a mental health condition.  This is especially true for our youth that show rising rates of mental disease. Matt believes Carver County can and should lead in addressing major epidemics and unhealthy practices.

  • Matt will create public/private  partnerships to attract resources for a productive community.
  • Workforce could be a larger part of the equation as well as volunteers who care about community.

Community Matters!  You should be able to call Carver County home for a lifetime.

Career Politicians vs Public Servant

A purist definition of the politician’s job is to gather influence and use it to impact change.  Some politicians use their influence for good, others – not-so-much (sometimes, even for selfish, personal gain).  Matt values his roots as a regular guy. His personal record demonstrates a willingness to use his skills and influence to foster change – some in the public eye, and a good amount behind the scenes.

  • Matt believes influence comes by showing up, listening, following through, and speaking truth.

People Matter!  People should be first, before politicians political gain and games.


Diversity comes in many forms – Tax Base, Social, Socio-economic, Racial, Ideological, Gender, Age, and Physical Condition – just to list a few.  In nearly all cases, diversity results in a vibrant community.

  • Matt believes diversity challenges are best met through active listening and creating nonthreatening spaces for people of varying views to get together.

People Matter!  People should be first, before politicians political gain and games.


Political Affiliation

The Carver County Commissioner role is non-partisan.  Matt believes all voters, no matter their political affiliation, should be heard, and their interests represented.  Matt values unity, and believes his responsibility means sustaining unifying opportunities for folks from all backgrounds and perspectives.

  • Matt believes the best policy decisions come through extensive stakeholder participation including public process.

People Matter!  People should be first, before politicians political gain and games.

Commissioner Responsibility

Taxpayers are best served when elected leaders diligently attend to the needs, concerns, and problems of their constituents. Trusted relationships are key, so transparency and full disclosure is required. Especially when it comes to resources – time, money, priorities.  Commissioners expense and travel should be limited to activities and trips that offer productive benefit to residents of Carver County, not personal gain. 

  • Matt believes a good commissioner shows up. He will conscientiously attend Commission and Committee meetings to represent your interests.
  • Matt pledges to spend his time in Carver County, being present to learn what folks believe to be important and listen to their ideas. and be prudent with time spent in St. Paul (or where necessary). 

YOU MATTER is more than a campaign slogan – It’s Matt’s promise!


Simply put, Matt believes ‘you don’t know what you don’t know’. It takes building relationships and intentional connections with a wide array of perspectives to shape opinions and make sound decisions.  For example, to prepare for a possible run for office, Matt sought varying perspectives from 1,000+ people  through one-on-one authentic conversations.

 Matt strives for authentic, respectful, deep relationships, not merely transactional interactions with people. High trust is a hallmark and room for disagreements is intentionally built in.

  • Matt unifies people with varying beliefs using values founded in underlying, mutual respect.

People Matter!  People should be first, before politicians political gain and games.  None of us is as good as ALL of us.


Matt’s faith is the center of his life. He is proud to boldly proclaim his Christianity.  Matt’s wife and two daughters enjoy weekly church services, Bible study, small groups, and volunteer opportunities. Matt cherishes how faith serves as a connection point that he shares with many.  It also serves as a connection point that empowers and pursues meaningful dialog and exchange between different faiths and non-faith backgrounds.  Matt’s family’s mantras are:

Live Life to the Fullest | Get the Love Thing Right | God Sees All
“Love your neighbor.” – Matthew 22:40

Fiscal Responsibility

The Udermann family follows a few immutable rules regarding money. If you can work, you work. If you can’t afford it, don’t buy it.  Work for what you have.

 As a taxpayer, property owner, business owner, and family man,  Matt knows the value of a dollar, and, more importantly, how to responsibly stretch a dollar.  Matt believes tax payers benefit when government follows these same rules.

  • Taxpayers of Carver County deserve a candidate that will fight for the hard working taxpayer. Matt is that man.

Finances Matter! You deserve smarter spending of your hard earned taxes.

Size of Government

Generally, Matt believes you are better at spending your money than the government is.  It follows that government should not overwhelm or supersede matters that can be effectively decided at the level. Closest to the individual.  Governments stay smaller within an environment in which businesses and entities compete for your business and, thus, drive innovation up, and prices down. The size of government is positively affected when local institutions like churches, not-for-profits, and philanthropy groups can, should, and frequently do serve community needs through efficiency and voluntary support.

  • Matt will be vigilant to avoid the scope-creep of county government that encroaches on individual rights and freedoms.

People Matter!  People should be first, before politicians political gain and games.
Finances Matter!  You deserve leadership and oversight that believes in smarter spending of your taxes.

Affordable Housing

Matt believes everyone should have a place to call home. Realtors inform potential home buyers to multiply their annual income by 3 to determine the price range they can afford. For example, $70K of household income would buy a $210K  house (or roughly $1,350 in rent).  The problem occurs when there is a lack of housing inventory within your price range.  Matt understands the local housing challenge and proposes a solutions based approach.  Matt believes the county must create multiple housing options through careful planning.  The County must also work to attract good paying jobs that bring higher incomes and greater housing options.

  • Matt believes if you work here, you should be able to live here – and he believes you should be able to call Carver County home for your entire life.

People Matter!  People should be first, before politicians political gain and games.



Matt believes SW Transit delivers people more efficiently than a multi-billion dollar light rail.  The economic impact of light rail does not justify the expense (not for 10 year, 20, 50 or 100+ year outlook).  He believes highways 212 and 5 are long overdue for expansion, and that residents should be active participants in the decision-making process.  Matt foresees transportation alternatives will become more prevalent than traditional options. Demand in the next 20 years for alternative solutions (self-driving vehicles, trails, hybrid autos, new forms of power, etc. ) will increase.  Matt believes that access to suitable, efficient, reliable transportation is the lifeblood of a work force. Transportation needs to be an intentional, central component of growth and planning.

  • Matt’s views are formed around intelligent spending and an eye for the future direction of transportation

People Matter!  People should be first, before politicians political gain and games.

What Matter’s to You?

Let Matt know what issues Matt to YOU at:

Economic Development

In the absence of a robust, dedicated, well-funded economic development team, Matt believes the County  (parks, schools, libraries, overall health) must strive to attract a labor force that businesses will follow.  Matt’s plan calls for increased work force housing, expansion of parks and trails (and overall family health), and services for a lifetime.  The County must intentionally focus to encourage existing businesses to choose Carver County as the location to expand their operations.

  • Matt’s plan will attract 100+, $60K+ jobs annually for the next 10 years

Community Matters!  Carver County should be a place you can call home for a lifetime.

Highway 5 Congestion

This is a topic Matt has researched extensively. He has listened to a lot of people about both the problem and the solution.  He learned there are solutions, as well as a path to adequate funding.  Yet, current leaders have not been able to address this massive and growing concern.   County Officials have spent time and money travelling to Washington, DC and St. Paul.  However the expense has not correlated to a greater outcome for Carver County residents. 

  • Matt will accelerate plans, funding and associated considerations (trail connections, economic development, etc.) in his first 30 days as commissioner. People Matter!  People should be first, before politicians political gain and games – and people say material progress on highway 5 congestion is long overdue. 


Earth is our God given home, and we should protect it with prudence.  Solutions are typically in direct proportion to benefit and aligned incentives, so we must seek win-win solutions to attract businesses. Addressing open issues that gain economic benefit provides a path that is sustainable and practical.

  • Mindful stewardship over that which we can influence and/or control is good business.

Community Matters!  Carver County should be a place you can call home for a lifetime.

Honoring our Elders

Matt believes the sign of a great community is how it treats its most vulnerable populations – particularly the elderly.  Matt’s family appreciates the impact of honoring the elderly as it volunteers at Auburn Manor every other week.  Matt believes a vibrant community connects younger generations with older generations and invests in end-of-life mental health care and affordable housing and care options.

  • Matt will pay attention to the impact of taxes on low income and elderly residents.

Community Matters!  Carver County should be a place you can call home for a lifetime.


Commitment Veterans

Matt has familiarity with Veterans’ Issues up close and personal.  Multiple family members and friends are veterans.  Krista Udermann’s grandfather, Addie Arlt, served in WWII and shared the horrors of war with Matt.  He has observed firsthand the VA process and patient treatment.  Matt honors the sacrifices, supports the troops, and believes dollars and available services should be unhesitantly provided to veterans in need.  System abuses must be found and ended so as to not steal from veterans in need.

  • Matt will serve as an advocate for Carver County Veterans.

People Matter!  People should be first, before politicians political gain and games


We accept donations within state guidelines, including:

  • Maximum $1,000 per person
  • Contributions $100+ are listed by donor

We make no promises expressed or implied with relation to donations and donors.  We welcome your contributions.

As a matter of process, we research contributions of $500+ and return dollars from folks we deem to not align with our core values.

Values Base Leadership

Matt believes a strong community is rooted in strong, unwavering values.  The City of Chaska established a list of values nearly 30 years ago.  Matt believes decisions should be led by these time tested values, including:

  • Honesty (talking straight to people, not talking out of both sides of your mouth)
  • Authenticity
  • Citizenship*
  • Environmentalism*
  • Generosity*
  • Human Worth and Dignity*
  • Integrity*
  • Learning*
  • Respect*
  • Responsibility*

People Matter!  People should be first, before politicians political gain and games