2023 – Mid Year Review

-Highway 212 to 4 Lane Fully Funded
-82nd Street/18 Fully Funded
-Highway 5 (from 41 to Dairy Queen, Victoria – 85% funded.  In advanced design stages)
-82nd and 5 work planned to include Bavaria Road trail linkage
-Proposed funding to be 1st county in state with 100% Fiber Broadband
(currently funded/programmed to 98% rural coverage)
-Trades 360 Program – partnerships established, awaiting final ink and kickoff
-‘Every Junior’ Program vision casted (awaiting hire of Chief Communications Officer)
-‘Every 4th Grader’ Program Being Planned (expected to launch before school restarts)
-100% Healthy Food Access within .5 Mile of Every Resident (gap closed)
-Cologne Food Shelf in Conjunction with Bountiful Basket Opened
-Chanhassen Library Celebrates 20 Years
-Third Annual Smarter Spending Session Held (focus on streamlining hiring and retention)
-Poverty rate reported at 3.9% (lowest county in the state)
-Funding allocated for up to 219 incremental housing units attainable for first time school teachers making $42K/year
(groundbreaking for 19 units in downtown Chaska)
-Welcomed over 1,000 new residents to district 3 with a personal letter
-Spoke to over 25 groups and 1,000 individuals about county government, concerns and insights
-Hosted 10+ ‘Chat with Matt’ to keep whole community/community members apprised of top topics and future issues in front of local leaders
-DMV wait times reduced
-Did NOT vote in support of 6.8% levy increase
-Did NOT vote in favor of spending fund tied to federal Covid19 to plug levy budget gaps
-Did NOT vote in favor of abandoning visitor and tourism efforts
-Did NOT vote in favor of abandoning principles of representative government
-DID vote in favor of a lead indicator metric for staff engagement
-DID stand in favor of providing competitive health care benefits
-DID stand in favor of planning for known preventive maintenance needs (1965 building, parking lots, 20 years deferred maintenance in parks, etc.)
-DID cast vision of planning for the equivalent of 2 visits per resident per month in our parks (2.7M visits)
-DID lead discussion of master parks planning (including funding for 2040 comp plan elements including sledding hills and camper cabins)
-DID lead discussion on identifying top 25 needed trail connections AND a ranked list of knowing and prioritizing least safe roads/road segments.
-Proposed restoring voluntary non resident park fees (to help pay for 20 years of deferred park maintenance)
-Proposed reducing commissioner compensation
-Proposed connecting commissioner compensation to staff less .25%
-Proposed rotating gavel to take politics out of the process and ensure representative government

2022 County Board Recap

County Summary | 2022 County Board Annual Update
Video Version: Recap by Chair Degler (1:16:55)

Full Year Report Highlight (2022)
-Lake Waconia Regional Park Groundbreaking for Waterfront Service Center (1st major new park structure in 20 years)
-212 from Carver to Cologne substantially completed
-212 from Cologne to Norwood nearly fully funded (including $10M USDOT dollar) and in full planning mode
-82nd Street part of State and House Bonding Tour (first time ever)
-82nd Street bills for $10M funding authored in the House (first time ever)
-Increased eBook/eAudio checkouts at the library (and surpassed 1M total circulation)
-#1 regional system for e-checkouts in the country (MELSA), surpassing the state of WI
-$750K grant awarded for Carver County Drug Treatment Court.

2022 County Board Mid Year Report
2022/21 Mid Year Report (2022 Carver County Mid Year Report)

id Year Report (2022):

-Connect Up Carver County Phase One Approved and Funded (estimated Carver County will move from 11% unserved to <5% by 2024)
-212 From Carver to Cologne on track for Sept 2023 Completion
-Minnesota’s Healthiest County (10th consecutive year)
-Board approved up to $6M in funded for up to 219 incremental housing units (in partnership with CDA)
-3 Graduates from the County’s Drug Treatment Court
-First Fix it Clinic
-AAA Bond Rating Continues
-Communities of Belonging Launched
-Carver County named county with lowest poverty rate in state (at 3.4%)
-Carver County remains fastest growing county in the state (17.4% from 2010 – 2020, expected growth rate of 2.1% per year from 2021 – 2030)
-Redistricting completed
-‘Crucial Conversations’ launched in partnership with Carver County Sheriff’s Office and City of Chaska Police Department

Strategic Plan | 2022/23 Highlights
-Established goal of being the ‘best county to work for’ in the state with 5 objective pillars
-Reaffirmed county values 

’23/’24 Budget:
-Overall Carver County Tax Levy Percent (of taxable value) will go DOWN in ’23/24
-Staff Per 1,000 Population will go down (closing gap from 7.1 vs. peer counties estimated around 5.5/1,000)
-Acceleration of closing wage gaps (ex: sheriff’s office, attorney’s office, etc.)
-Reduction of non retirement turnover
-Planning for Parks replacement, expansion and consideration for future park holdings
-Acceleration of closing of benefit gaps

Udermann Commentary & Report Card (Sample running updates, contact Matt directly for more details)
-More diverse talent pipeline and board appointments
-Claimed 10 – 15% increased efficiency from Work from Home Investments
-Connect Up Carver County – Phase One Underway (expected unserved population from 11% to 4%)
-Connect Up Carver County – path to first county in state with 100% rural fiber coverage (exploring state, federal, private, and private/public partnership to close the remaining gap)
-Top 25 desired trail connections identified (many connections to be made in planned upcoming road projects)
-Hosted second annual smarter spending session (first session; est. $250K in savings from cellular switch. second session: est. $250K in savings from vehicle use/mileage diligence)
-County lowest poverty rate in state at 3.7%
-Economic Development roundtable commenced and expanded
-$6M committed for up to 219 incremental housing units (in partnership with CDA)
-Led deep dive for DMV service level and future capacity needs (legislature focus on improved financials to make viable)
-Veteran’s Office standards established (example: response within 24 hours 95%+ of time)
-Unemployment rate reached/neared all time low in Carver County

2021 County Commissioner – District 3 Recap
2021 Annual Report Card Update (MU)

Expect a Mid Year and Year End Report!
2021/22 Mid Year Report (2021 Carver County Mid Year Report)

Mid Year Report (2021):
-Acceleration of 212
-Acceleration of 82nd Street and Highway 5 (Highway 5 Phase One Planned for 2025)
-Excellent Covid19 Response
-Efficient and Equitable plan, use and commitment of CARES and ARP Dollars
-Technology Upgrades to enable expanded digital services and Work From Home abilities

-Carver County continues to deliver high level of service and overall value
The healthiest For the 9th year in a row, we’re the healthiest county in the state (7th in the nation). Contributing elements include top rankings in economy, health, infrastructure, community vitality, environment and housing (1).
The fastest growing Our population is 107,000 and we average 1.5% population growth annually make us the 11th largest county in the state and the fastest growing (as a %) for the last 5+ years (2). People are finding one of the best kept secrets in MN!
The most educated Our median household income makes us the most affluent in the state (Carver HHI: $97,895 (state: $68,411)). We also are atop counties in other metrics including: lowest poverty rate: 4 percent (state: 10.1 percent), lowest unemployment: 2.4 percent (state: 3.2 percent), and most educated/bachelor’s degrees among adults: 48.1 percent (state: 35.4 percent) (3).
The happiest County in the Nation. Happiest is due in part to a high level of physical activity, residents and 790K visitors annually enjoy via the 1,016 acres of parks, 88 trails covering 762 miles, 7 sizable (>235 acres) lakes and numerous community and fitness centers across our county (4)
Arguably, the Best Place for Tele-Work. Though this designation does not yet exist for county ranking, key factors favor Carver County including; 1. Proximity to Lakes, Parks, Trails. 2. High Speed Internet Access 3. Proximity to Airport 4. Proximity to Key Ammenities (grocery store, hardware, computer service, etc.) 5. Medical Facilities 6. Weekend Adventures (‘staycation’/Destination Carver County, surrounding Metro, access within 5 hour drive) 6. Job Opportunities/Major Enterprise Hubs (within 30 minutes – 3M, Best Buy, Lifetime Fitness, Medtronic, etc.)

’22/’23 Budget:
-Overall Carver County Tax Levy Percent (of taxable value) will go DOWN in ’22/23
-Carver County Currently:
73th of 87 Counties in Tax Levy Rate
74th of 87 Counties in Tax Per $250K Residential Value

Strategic Plan | 2021/22 Highlights
-Community Values were added (see below)
-Service Level Added as Strategic Pillar
-Onboarded 2 New Commissioners
-$20.4M ARP Dollars (guidance and issuance)
-Acceleration of Road Projects (212, 82nd, Highway 5)
-24 Hour Maximum Response Time Standard (where relevant)
-Expanded Food Stability (particularly for youth)
-Expanded Mental Health (opening of Steiner Kelting Facility)


Udermann Report Card (Sample running updates)
-More diverse talent pipeline and board appointments
-Engagement Assessment Survey (coming soon)
-Technology Audit (including software, hardware, subscription services, cellular and broadband
-Smarter Spending Session (Held 09/01/21)
-City Council and School Board Attendance (including Mid Year Report)
-Powers Blvd Honorary Naming as Global War on Terror Road
-Reached all 750+ Employees Personally
-Reduced Wait Times at DMV (including online scheduling options)
-Student Representative Named to MN Extension Office
-Arts Committee
>Up-lighting at Public Works and Government Center
>Accelerated Trial for Government Center Beautification
-Welcome Correspondence (outreach to 15+ weekly)