2021 Annual Report Card

Matt Udermann Annual Report Card Recap
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2021 Full Year Board Update Summary

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In addition to learning a new role, new people, and a new organization – and in the midst of things related to Covid19 (new operating, ever changing protocols, etc.), it’s with great pride how a number (nearly all) of highlighted initiatives during the election cycle have progressed in just one year.  I’ve long said it’s the people that make Carver County what it is.  As we showcase Carver County and embrace Destination Carver County (for labor, industry and visitors) it’s important to be intentional about the social infrastructure (along with the physical infrastructure). Passing on the ‘Carver County Way’ to future generations as well as newcomers by showing how we neighbor well makes us even better today and for the future.

-I personally connected with all 750 staff at least once last year.
-Weekly I sought out a different department, team or individual to learn about and recognize with a personal thank you.
-At each Board Meeting I recognized a department, individual, community member, not for profit and/or local business and their specific contributions to making our county even better.
-I led efforts to pave way for more youth representatives; both through policy, appointments, proactively seeking quality candidates and make more opportunities for exposing youth to county government.  All efforts are ‘long game’ efforts to help ‘fill the pipeline’ of talent and leadership in our county.
-Monthly I reached out to 80 – 100 new District 3 residents to welcome them to Carver County.
-As part of the Arts Committee, led efforts to add artwork in high traffic areas at Government Center (and initiated an employee art competition to add even more artwork in high traffic areas)
-Led efforts to add exterior lights at the Public Works Building and Government Center to celebrate and/or recognize key events.
-Veterans are getting even better service this year (faster response time, more veterans identified for assistance)
-The Board (led by Commissioner Workman) honored Veterans with the road Dedication on Powers Blvd and voted to honor Farmers with road Dedication in Highway 10 (official dedication date in 2022 TBD)
-The Board approved funding via ARP funds to help accelerate 200+ Incremental hosting units at or below $1,200/mo expected rent

-Our committees and commissions have seen more robust quantity, quality and diversity of candidates, netting leadership, talent pipeline and perspectives even more representative of our community than ever before. A balanced board is a better board.
-Accessible. The commitment to be accessible to stakeholders comes in many forms including responding to all within 48 hours (shortened to 24 hours), monthly articles in Victoria Gazette, regular articles in Chaska Herald, 24+ ‘Chat with Matt’ community interviews or attending over 100 events. I also pride myself on intentional, high trust relationships with civic organizations, faith communities, not for profits, an elected and non-elected partners including cities.
-I’m intentional on maintaining close relationships with at least one commissioner in each peer metro county to gleam insights and best practices, bringing them back to make Carver County even better.
-Annual and Bi Annual Updates (to voters, represented cities (Chaska/Victoria) and District 112)
-Serve on Sheriff and Chaska Chief’s Crucial Conversations Committee, prioritizing the needs of residents, stakeholders and overall public safety.
-Highway 5 Plan. As of 2021, the County has not only communicated a proposed start date (2025 with first phase), but will likely accelerate the plan (once believed to not be possible until at least 2040). Stay tuned as details tied to 82nd Street and ARB entrance movement become more solidified.  This intentionally elevates the needs of our growing community including the downtown Victoria business community with focus on minimizing the any negative impacts of known improvements.
-Highway 212 is Fully Funded. As of 2021, 100% of 212 to 4 lane from City if Carver west to Norwood Young America is funded and nearing design and programming.
-Reduced the 11% without high speed internet through partnership and leveraging the CarverLink backbone (we are on pace to being the first county in Minnesota with 99.5%+ fiber broadband)
-Proposed ‘Everybody Eats’, ‘Everybody Sleeps’, ‘Everybody Connected’, and ‘Everybody Contributes’ efforts.  ‘Everybody Eat’ aims at having healthy meals within a half a mile of every resident to further reduce the 4.5% of residents food instable any given night.
-Partnered/partnering closely with not for profit The Humanity Alliance for food delivery, work force programs and housing elements.  A sustainable model not dependent on recurring government resource.
-Partnered/partnering closely with A Better Society to establish and expand UniteUs app to close needs gaps in our community faster and minimize overlap – including homeless populations, chronic issues or folks falling on temporary hard times.
-Partnered/partnering closely with efforts for Trades Tech Hub (evolving as public/private partnerships with trades training elements and a career and college path)
-Working closely with planning and inputs for future libraries in Carver County (including trip to Jordan’s expanded access library with Scott County, serving on MELSA Board, researching features, and meetings with City of Chaska)
-Convened an exploratory session in the Cuyuna Region (Crosby, MN), and with OTM (On Track Mind) to explore accelerating Carver County as a Destination for Mountain Biking.
-As Liaison, Member or Alternative for SmartLink, WeCab and Transporation Advisory Board, and with close relationships with SW Transit – helping rethink transportation access for the future in a post pandemic environment.
-Visited every county building multiple times, participated/did ride along with Snow Plow, Sheriff’s Office, Chaska PD, Dispatch, Coney Island, Minnewashta Park, MN Choices Assessment, Victoria Citizen’s Academy, and more.

-Average Property Tax Rate decreased (tax rate went down in 2022 and we’re now 74 lowest of 87 counties.
-Hosted Smarter Spending Session (early indications is this effort will save taxpayers $200K+ in staff and county owned vehicle mileage, and $200K+ in negotiating a new mobile device provider).
-Voted against a commissioner 2.75% pay increase and against a 3.5% levy increase – instead proposed methodology that wouldn’t sacrifice service but return dollars associated with work from home efforts to taxpayers and align commissioner compensation with employees for aligned incentives
-Voted for excluding fringe commissioner benefits (including language to exclude home broadband and print cartridges as allowed expensable items)
-As part of effort to attract diversified tax base and overall Economic Development efforts, was nominated by board to serve on the Greater MSP Board.
-Pursuing efforts for alternative revenues (not competing with private enterprise) to accelerate trails and amenities (via private foundation, naming rights, etc.)


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