Why vote for MATT?
Short Answer:
The current Carver County Commissioner board is made up of five individuals and has been unchanged since 2006. Fun fact for context: this is before the iPhone was invented.

I believe it’s time. Time to bring balance, time to bring new ways of thinking, and time for the makeup of the board to start looking more like the changing community (albeit we have a LONG way to go). It’s important that we bridge the thinking and knowledge of longtime board members with the next generation of leaders. As for me, I will bring renewed energy, fresh ideas, broader perspectives, financial acumen and bold leadership to Carver County. I love this community, and want to ensure our kids will be proud to call it home someday.
Longer Answer:
If you’re like most, Carver County Commissioner won’t make your top list of interests. However, this leadership team directly impacts our day to day lives and has largely flown under the radar and unchecked for as long as I’ve been a resident. I think it’s time we bring greater balance and accountability to these roles. Here are five key areas I bring added value:
1. Proven Leadership
2. Independent Thinking
3. Broader Representation
4. Focused Finances
5. Bridge Building
Leadership; Casting clear vision rooted in fundamental values wrapped in a blueprint for success is an area I excel in. Our YOU MATTer pillars guide our efforts; People Matter, Community Matters, Finances Matter. During the 2008/09 recession, I led a team and a $500M budget through uncharted territory. We came out of it with no employee cuts, stronger staff and a better culture. I am equipped to lead through financial constraints and social pressures, and believe I can help Carver County navigate Covid19 while managing planned
Independent Thinking; I’m curious by nature and navigate complex topics with both a gut level understanding and a depth that comes from seeking inputs from a wide array of sources. I’m not bought or beholding to anyone or any party – and will ask difficult questions and seek solutions for the interest of the community. I will speak and vote independently and hold one perspective highest – what is right for YOU. YOU the stakeholder comes first.
Broader Representation; What an unchanged board since 2006 has in longevity, we lack in fresh perspectives. These are areas I’d bring that are not directly represented now;
-Kids in schools now (40% of Carver County households have school aged children)
-New to Carver County (35% of Carver County residents new in last 15 years)
-Next Generation (78% of Carver County Residents are <55 years of age)
-Tech savvy business owner – Strong communication and social media effectiveness
-Non Politician – (Board averages 25+ years in politics)
Focused Finances; Recently a County finance leader said ‘you have command on a very complex budget you’d typically not see from even long time board members’. One of the major duties of the board is to guide $150M+ in budget. This budget should mirror clear vision and values, and shift/evolve/be directed according to those priorities. One thing is clear, while being one of the highest growth counties in the state, we cannot continue to fall behind on business tax diversification and we need to shake the title as highest taxed county in the state. We need to sharpen focus on business tax growth, staff empowerment and strengthened partnerships. I believe that by being more intentional about building relationships of greater depth – specifically with District 112, City of Chaska, City of Victoria, peer counties, SW Transit, not for profits, places of worship etc. – we can achieve savings from redundancy and use those realized savings in areas of need.
Bridge Builder; Oftentimes we agree on more than we disagree – yet spend more energy on the latter. I like to bring together No and Yes voters, Republicans and Democrats, Urban and Rural, business owners and taxing agencies, and more.
Victoria will be the largest city in Carver County in the next 50 years, while Chaska will be largely land locked in the next 20. The best expansion is through deep relationships built on trust – seeking the best win-win solutions, communicating well, allowing for differing inputs to make a project even better. We need to use those insights for creative solutions, partnerships and lessened exposure to costly lawsuits and avoidable division.
In closing, I am not afraid to step into tough conversations, negotiations or topics. In fact, I lean in. I’m skilled at asking for a better price, or better employee conditions, or better outcomes for stakeholders. So I’d like to ask for your support this election season. If you vote for me, I will not take your vote for granted – and will work for YOU. Thank you for your consideration.
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