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Matt is one smart, curious, involved, and compassionate dude. I’ve done my research; he’s the best choice for Carver County Commissioner.

Matt Kerber

Owner, Next Steps Day Care (Chaska & Chanhassen)

It’s time for a new leader. Matt listens and lends practical, timely solutions. His energy, authenticity and community mindedness makes him well equipped to lead Carver County.

Steve Zupke

Business Owner, Victoria

I know a thing or two about perseverance, team work, dedication and focus. As a Pan American Champion and Chaska Native, I know Matt shares the same values of perseverance, teamwork, dedication and focus in serving Carver County. That is why I support Matt for Carver County Commissioner.

Pat Smith

World and USA Team Member, Wrestling. US Open Champion, 2x World Team Member, 6x Team USA National Team, Pan American Games Champion, 2020 Olympic Hopeful

During Matt’s time working for me, he never ceased to impress with the relationships, results and endless energy he possesses. He’ll make an outstanding County Commissioner.

Roddy Hjort

Director, Best Buy Corporation

Please join us in supporting Matt Udermann for Carver County Commissioner.  Together we have over 50 years of leadership experience working for Carver County taxpayers and are excited for the opportunity to support Matt who brings much needed new ideas and energy to the board.

Gregg and Laurie Davies

Former Carver County Staff

Matt is a stand up guy.  He has an entrepreneurial mind and is always looking for ways to be and do better.  He’s also probably the best at ‘neighboring’ of anyone I know! I will wholeheartedly support his run for Carver County Commissioner.

Jeff Stone

Local Business Owner + Grace Church Elder

I worked with Matt at Best Buy for 7 years.  I currently serve on the board of Aeon where we ‘create and sustain quality affordable homes that strengthen the lives and communities (with a number of properties in Matt’s district).’  Matt is passionate about affordable housing solutions.  He will bring a very aggressive and creative approach to problem solving.  Matt works hard, partners well with others, brings a lot of energy to the team, and is always focused on results.  The people of Chaska and Victoria would be lucky to have Matt represent them.

Scott Anderson

25+ Year Best Buy Executive + Aeon Board Member

Matt is passionate about serving others and has an honest approach to matters that impact our community and neighborhoods.  I’m voting and supporting Matt for Carver County Commissioner.

Todd Anderson

Medical Devices Executive + Community Builder

Matt is enthusiastic, passionate and driven.  He has a heart to serve and always thinks of others first.  Matt is a family guy, creative problem solver and a natural entrepreneur.  He’s born to be a leader and will serve us well as Carver County Commissioner – I’m proud to back Matt!

Cassie Bush

Super Mom (2 Kids, Husband Zac)

Matt is not just a good guy, he leads as a learner. He’s not impulsive, but rather seeks to understand.

Al Norby

Community Leader

Matt is the best neighbor anyone could ask for.  He’s welcomed us as neighbors, engages candid dialogue, seeks understanding by listening to multiple perspectives, and provides solutions where there are gaps or inefficiencies.  Matt has been very proactive in connecting my family to people, resources and opportunities we’d be unable to navigate ourselves.  We support Matt Udermann for Carver County Commissioner.

Abdi Mire

Business Owner + Neighbor

As a veteran, I know a thing or two about service and getting the job done.  Matt serves his community with unwavering commitment, and intentionally seeks opportunities to listen and bring action and solutions to areas needing attention.  Most people don’t get to see Matt’s visionary mind, as he effectively identifies future needs and opportunities to pave the way for a healthy, robust community.  I support Matt Udermann for Carver County Commissioner.

Zach Husted

Veteran + Former Chaska Resident + Victoria Resident + Global Marketing Manager

I’m supporting Matt Udermann for Carver County Commissioner.  With my 15 years of experience in the county system, I have seen inefficiencies.  Matt has proven he brings fresh eyes and practical solutions that will benefit hard working taxpayers.  Matt is in touch with what people pay in taxes and will fight hard to best use those dollars and look for ways to reduce inefficiencies.

Ken Koskie

12+ Year Former Carver County Employee

When we had an issue with expanding our business, we knew whom to call first – Matt Udermann.  Within hours, Matt connected us with the right contact and helped drive a remedy.  He took additional steps to understand why the process had what seemed like many unnecessary layers.  Why? Because Matt understands the role and community benefit for healthy, growing companies.  We support Matt Udermann for Carver County Commissioner.

Ashley Kerber

Owner, Next Steps + Super Mom (3 Kids, Husband Matt)

They say ‘when you want to get something done, ask a busy person.’  That’s the truth with Matt Udermann.  Outside of his commitments to family, community (Library Board, Park Board, Community Volunteer, Church Volunteer), he makes time to seek insights, listen to feedback, and drive positive actions where there is injustices, gaps in inefficiencies.  He has a gift to see future needs and cans see necessary steps accomplish big vision.  This will set Carver County up for generations to come.  I’m supporting Matt Udermann for Carver County Commissioner.

Nate Bostrom

Chair, CAP Agency + Former Jonathan Association President + Former Chaska Council Member

I asked Matt to be my mentor in 2014.  Why? Matt has the quickest mind of anyone I know.  He can process masses of information faster, more thoroughly and more precisely than anyone I know.  He can ‘see’ through the weeds, cast vision, encourage and empower action, and get out of the way of progress.  That said, Matt also is authentic when he doesn’t have the answer or knowledge to lend.  In those cases, Matt activates his massive network to connect and unify leaders and bring action.  His work ethic is second to none.  I support Matt Udermann for Carver County Commissioner.

Corey Hodowanic

Athletes in Action + U of MN Wrestler (2014)

Matt actively and authentically SEEKS input on issues from a diverse group of people with different perspectives.  I’ve seen Matt work behind the scenes to drive positive change, and work publicly to connect and UNITE people.  He goes out of his way to bring people together.  His passion is second to none, and his effort preparing for the Carver Commissioner race is proof he will work hard for YOU.  I’m proud to call Matt a friend, and support his run for Carver County Commissioner.


Community Leader

When you cast your vote for Carver County Commissioner look for someone that has servant leadership capabilities and a person that you can trust to involve the public in the process of governing. 

In my over 40 years of service in government and I can state that Matt Udermann has the spirit and leadership skills that will best serve the residents of Chaska and Victoria.

It’s time for a change for the better and I will be voting for Udermann for 2020 Carver County Commissioner.

Tom Redman

Former Park and Recreation Director (32 Years - Chaska), Founding Member Bountiful Basket, Victoria Resident